Frequently Asked Questions

Edgewater Pools has been servicing pools since 2008. We have grown because of the hard work and dedication of our employees and from loyal pool owners who trust Edgewater Pools and the services we provide.
The minimum time your pump should be running is 8 hours a day. If you have a variable speed pump, it is best to run it at a lower speed for longer and while still saving you money over your single speed pump.
Edgewater Pools proudly services Naples, Marco Island, Isles of Capri, Bonita Springs, and Estero.
No, the salt cell produces chlorine gas at a consistently low rate. This helps maintain the clarity of your water and sanitizes the water consistently avoiding spikes and depletion over the course of the week using standard liquid chlorine.
Yellow algae is an environmental algae that grows in pools despite the chemicals being balanced. It is common for pools to have yellow algae bloom a couple times a year. If you see yellow algae starting to bloom in your pool please call us immediately and we will have the pool treated before your normal service day.
The proper height of your pool’s water level should be 2-3″ above the bottom of the skimmer. During the wintertime, your pool will lose up to 2″ a week due to evaporation. If your pool starts to have air coming out of the jets every couple of minutes please add water to the pool using a garden hose.
Unfortunately, bugs are very common in Florida and find their way into screen lanais and pools. They enter the water by wind, rain, and crawling. After rainstorms, it is common to have bugs floating in your pool from being washed in off the screen and blown in by the wind.