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Pool Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

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For homeowners, your pool is a place where family memories are made, and you can spend hours relaxing. It is important to understand the essentials of pool maintenance, so you know that your pool is always taken care of. Here are some basic pool maintenance tips for homeowners so you can make sure your pool is always ready for a day of backyard fun.

Filtration and Circulation

A properly maintained pool will have a pool pump that circulates water through a filtration system and back into the pool. By moving the water, it is continually removing dirt and debris and keeping your water clean.

We recommend using variable-speed, energy-efficient pump which uses 90% less energy than regular speed pumps, is quieter, and allows for a steady flow of water.

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Trees and plants can drop debris – like leaves, twigs, and pollen into the pool – especially in the spring and fall months, along with insects, and other outdoor elements that can leave fragments behind in your pool. By skimming the pool’s surface for debris daily, you can keep the water fresh.

The walls also need to be scrubbed, filters cleared, and pool floors need to be vacuumed regularly. Set up a schedule to do it yourself, or sign up for regular pool cleaning service from a team of professionals.

Pool Water Balance & Sanitation

Great equipment and regular cleaning will keep your pool in good shape, but a chemical and sanitation routine is required to keep your pool healthy and clear.

You should perform regular tests, using a pool testing kit or test strips on your water to make sure you are maintaining the proper pH and total alkalinity.

From there, you can assess the results of the test and apply the necessary chemicals to sanitize your pool.

Work with A Professional Pool Maintenance Company in Southwest Florida

While there are things you can do as a homeowner to maintain your pool and keep it clean, the best thing you can do is to work with a professional pool maintenance company.

Make Your Pool the Best Part of Staying at Home

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