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Saltwater Pool Conversion – Benefits & FAQs

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Are you interested in saltwater pool conversion for your family’s pool? Saltwater pools have grown in popularity in recent years due to the harsh effects of chlorine in pools.

Chlorinated pools are harmful due to the chemical they contain called chloramines. This can cause irritation of the eyes, skin, and lungs. Many who are sensitive to the chemical can experience rashes, hives, and itchy skin, and an allergy can develop over time with frequent exposure. It can also irritate respiratory problems if you have existing conditions.

All in all, chlorine pools have a lot of downsides, which makes saltwater pool conversion a great option for many families.

Frequently Asked Questions About Saltwater Pool Conversion

Q: Do saltwater pools have chlorine?

A: Saltwater pools do still have a small amount of chlorine, but the presence of salt and stable chlorine levels reduces the irritation you experience from swimming in a chlorine pool.

Q: How do saltwater conversion systems work?

A: Salt systems work through a process known as electrolysis. As pool water passes through the salt cell, the water is exposed to a low voltage of electric current sent from the control box, which turns the salt into chlorine gas, enters the water, sanitizes, and converts it back to salt.

Q: Is the water in a saltwater pool the same as sea water?

A: Salt water pools are not the same as sea water, they have on average around 1/12th of the amount of salt. They also still contain chlorine, as previously mentioned.

Benefits of Saltwater Pool Conversion
There are several benefits to salt water pool conversion, but there are two main benefits that make them a popular option for pool owners.

  • Salt water pools have softer water are gentler on your body, due to the presence of salt and stable chlorine levels. This means you can open your eyes in a saltwater pool and your hair and skin will not feel dried out after swimming.
  • Salt systems are often compatible with energy efficient pumps and automation systems that can save you money on energy costs.

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