Pool Maintenance

Why Use Pool Automation

Pool Automation

Pool automation is helpful for any pool owner. With an automated pool system, you can schedule and manage everything from your filtration, cleaning, heating, and pump adjustments to turning on your spa and lighting. A swimming pool automation system creates convenience and saves time handling pool maintenance.

Save Time

The various components that keep pool water filtered, clean, and at the correct temperature all need to be regulated. Daily pool maintenance is time-consuming. Wouldn’t you rather spend time in your pool?

Pool automation can open and close pool covers. Automated pool cleaners scrub and vacuum in efficient cleaning routines, which is a great time saver.

Save Money

Automated pool systems are set to adjust when needed to run more efficiently than when controlled manually. By not running the heat pump around the clock, energy bills will be lower, much like how a programmable thermostat saves money for the home. They only run as long as necessary.

Robotic pool cleaners have a self-contained filtration system which eases wear and tear on your pool pump and filter.

Have Complete Control

Automation lets you make your pool environment just the way you like it. Set your system to automatically adjust the pool temperature throughout the day. Program it to turn on lights or jets in your pool. Set it up for cleaning. Operate everything from your smartphone or a single remote control. Turn everything on as you drive home from work – making more time in the pool.

Consult a Professional Pool Company

Setting up a pool automation system can be complicated. Having a reliable and trustworthy company you can go to for all your pool needs will make all the difference. Contact Edgewater Pools today to get started!

Make Your Pool the Best Part of Staying at Home

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