Pool Pumps

Do I Need an Automatic Pool Filler?

An automatic pool filler keeps your swimming pool at the appropriate water level to avoid damage to the filtration system. An automatic pool water filler system is ideal for pools and spas with water features where evaporation and splash out is common.

Protect the Pump

  • Automatic pool fillers are useful to keep the pump motor from burning up due to low water levels
  • Intense Florida heat can evaporate pool water levels quickly; don’t run your pump dry
  • Counteract the effects of evaporation

Save Time

  • Rather than lugging hoses around the yard, relax in your pool and let the automatic pool filler do the work
  • Eliminate the need to constantly refill your pool by hand

Peace of Mind

  • Enjoy your pool; don’t let it become a source of stress
  • Automatic pool fillers provide peace of mind knowing that pool mechanisms are protected around the clock
  • Whenever you want to use your pool the water level will be optimal

Consult a Professional Pool Company

If you’re thinking of having an automatic pool filler added to your pool, consult with a professional pool service company. Having a reliable and trustworthy company you can go to for all your pool needs will make all the difference. Contact Edgewater Pools today to get started!