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Easy Pool Controls with Pool Automation Systems

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Want to turn your pool or spa on while you are on the way home from dinner, so it is ready when you get home? Want to double check that your pool pump is turned off when you leave for vacation? These are just a few of the times that pool controls are useful.

An important part of pool ownership is being able to heat up, keep your pool clean, and do everything else necessary to enjoy your pool quickly and easily – so you never miss a day at the pool. Pool controls allow you to manage your pool or spa with ease. And you can even do it from your smartphone!

Uses of Pool Controls

So, how do pool controls work? Pool automation systems allow you to connect your pool’s equipment to one central hub and control center via Wi-Fi. This makes your pool controls convenient and user-friendly. With some systems, you can set up timers that turn the pump and filter on at a certain time and allows you to control the speed of your pump. This will help you save on energy costs, ensure your pump is running when necessary, and help you avoid plumbing disasters.

What Can You Control with Pool Automation?

Almost any type of pool equipment or feature can be controlled through an automation system. Each pool control system is slightly different, but some common things that pool controls are used for:

  • Running pool equipment
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Pre-programmable systems
  • Controlling pool lighting
  • Controlling water features
  • Monitoring pH and water levels
  • Controlling spa jets

Different Types of Pool Controls

There are a variety of pool control systems on the market, here are a few that we recommend.

  • The AquaLink RS All button is an easy to operate control system that has built-in features like automatic heater pool down, self-monitoring freeze protection, and pool cleaner safety delays to give you peace of mind.
  • The AquaLink 2.0 offers intelligent pool controls from your smartphone, tablet, or web-connected device. This gives you the ability to control your pool anytime, anywhere.

Get Your Pool Controls Up and Running with A Pool Automation System

If you are ready to enjoy pool ownership made easy, Edgewater Pools can help you get your pool automation system up and running. Contact us today for more information!

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