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Why Are LED Pool Lights So Popular?

LED swimming pool light use is quickly spreading because of the efficiency they offer and the fun they provide. LED lights use as little at 42 watts of electricity in order to produce the same amount of light that an incandescent bulb produces using 300-500 watts of electricity. LED pool lights are a popular alternative to short-lived incandescent lights.

Stay Cool

Traditional bulbs use heat to create light, which is why they can get very hot. When you’re relaxing in your pool, you certainly do not want to brush up against a hot light. LED pool lights stay cool because they do not rely on heat to produce light. This allows you to move around the lights without the potentially dangerous heat.

Budget Friendly

Efficient LED pool lights last much longer than other lighting. There is less need for periodic bulb replacement. The average LED light lasts up to 50 times longer than their incandescent counterparts. You’ll save money on new bulbs as well as on electricity since LED pool light bulbs reduce energy use.

Rainbow of Color

LED pool lights allow you to customize the color scheme for your pool. Whether it be a holiday color scheme, special occasion light show, or just a relaxing evening swim, every colorful pool looks more inviting.

LED pool lights are the clear choice for lighting up your pool and helping you save money, while having more fun.

Consult a Professional Pool Company

Contact Edgewater Pools to change your pool’s lights and get more for your money. Having a reliable and trustworthy company you can go to for all your pool needs will make all the difference.