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Converting Chlorine Swimming Pools to Saltwater

Converting Chlorine Pools to Saltwater | Edgewater Pool Service Blog

Many people prefer saltwater pools over chlorine due to the ease of maintenance, yet some homeowners are reluctant to make the switch. Converting chlorine pools to saltwater pool systems is considerably straightforward.


Saltwater pools are often discussed as an alternative to chlorinated pools causing some to think that saltwater pools have no chlorine, which is not the case. Chlorine is present in saltwater pools; however, it is produced from a chemical reaction when salt is added to the pool water, not manually added to the pool.

  • Saltwater is gentler on the eyes, skin, and hair
  • No unpleasant chlorine odor
  • Minimal use of harsh chemicals
  • Water feels softer than chlorinated water
  • Easier to maintain
  • Maintenance costs are lower

Converting to a saltwater pool system does not require a total drainage of the pool nor does it require new construction. A saltwater pool conversion does require some unique equipment, specifically the salt chlorine generator and the pool salt. The upfront costs are offset by the long-term maintenance savings over time.

Saltwater provides a more stable pool system – not only will you be able to create your own chlorine, but you’ll need less chemicals and balancing. You will be reducing pool maintenance while experiencing the benefits of soft and luxurious saltwater.

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