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Pool Renovation & Modernization, Naples Florida

Pool Renovation & Modernization, Naples Florida | Edgewater Pools Blog

How to Modernize Your Pool – What to Consider

Bring new life to your backyard retreat by modernizing your pool. A pool renovation, deck replacement, equipment modernization, and style makeover offer several benefits.

  •  Beauty, functionality, and enjoyment with your family and friends
  • Reduced energy and water consumption
  • Operating ease and time saving maintenance
  • Reduction in future repairs

When planning a pool renovation, there are a number of options to consider for updates and modernization.

Restoring the Fundamentals

The most popular pool renovation is surrounding the interior perimeter with shiny new tile. Because it’s highly visible even when you’re not in the pool, a new tile will immediately freshen your pool’s appearance.

Replace any cracked or loose border with new material. There is a large selection and variety of natural stone material.

Most pool renovations include re-plastering the interior. Years of wear and tear can result in chipping, color changes, and other deterioration. You could opt for a slip-resistant material with long-lasting color.

Pool Renovation & Modernization, Naples Florida | Edgewater Pools Blog

Technology Modernization

Automate functions
Get control of your pool operation with state-of-the-art pool automation. You can add a remote or a system that works with your phone. With the push of a button, manage functions like lighting, heating, filtration, water features, and more.

Brighten lighting
Illuminate your pool environment with the latest in dazzling LED lighting. Today’s LED pool systems are both long-lasting and energy efficient.

Pump efficiency
An outdated pool pump may be costing you money. Reduce energy use with a new, energy-optimizing, multi-speed, or variable-speed pump. These units operate functions like cleaning, heating, circulating, and water features using only the minimum energy needed for the task.

Consult a Professional Pool Company

Make your pool the best part of staying at home. Having a reliable and trustworthy company you can go to for all your pool needs will make all the difference. Contact Edgewater Pools today to get started!