Automatic Pool Filler

Our automatic pool water filler system will ensure that your pool water always maintains a consistent level. Ideal for pool and spa systems with water features where evaporation and splash out is common.
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Automatic Pool Fillers for Florida Pools

K-1100- Electronic Water Leveler Maintains a consistent water level by detecting low-water conditions and automatically replacing water to a pre-set level. The Levolor® K-1100 detects low-water conditions and automatically replaces water to a pre-set level. It can be used in any situation where a consistent water level is needed. It’s an ideal device for new or existing pool and spa systems. Levolor® electronic water levelers take away the worry of lost water in your pool, spa or water feature. The electronic fill device employs sophisticated electronics that carefully monitor water levels. The device compensates for waves, and its exclusive lock-out feature will not overfill the pool. With no moving parts to break or rust, Levolor® ensures a reliable flow of water. We are also a warranty center for Pentair & Jandy products. You’ll never have to worry about keeping your pool water level with our reliable automatic pool water filler system.

Make Your Pool the Best Part of Staying at Home

Get the most out of your pool with the latest pool upgrades. Try out the automatic pool water filler system today. Trust our installation team we are a BBB A+ rated company with experienced installers and technicians.