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Pool Tiles Installation – Benefits & Maintenance

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Are you interested in pool tile installation? Our experience pool retiling & renovation professionals are here to answer all the frequently asked questions we have on pool tile.

Benefits of Pool Tile Installation

Lining a pool with tile has been regarded as the premium finish for swimming pools for several years. This is due to their appearance, superior durability, as well as the ease in cleaning them & maintaining them compared to cement-based surfaces.

Tile also offers a wide variety of design choices, which allows you to find the right tile finishes to fit your aesthetic no matter what.

When to Remodel New Tile

If tile in your pool area is breaking, not only does it lose its aesthetic appeal, but it can become a hazard. If you have broken tile, you should consider renovating as soon as possible.

You also may choose to remodel simply to refresh your backyard & pool ambiance. From stunning glass, to subtle earth tones; from a simple waterline, to a raised spa wall, your tile is a focal point of your poolscape.

Maintaining Pool Tile

One thing that you may experience as an owner of pool tile is scale. Scale is a buildup of calcium carbonate which appears as a white substance at the waterline of the pool. This occurs as water evaporates and leaves behind dissolved minerals.

Some recommend cleaning tile with a pumice stone; however, we recommend working with a professional pool cleaning company to take care of cleaning your pool after tile installation. A professional company will be able to evaluate your pool, tiles and the rest of your systems & equipment and advise the right cleaning routine for your pool.

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