Pool Maintenance

Preparing Your Pool for Hurricane Season

Palm Tree Blowing in the Wind

Hurricane season is here – prepare your pool as well as your home. There are important factors to consider before and after a hurricane storm to keep your swimming pool functioning optimally. It may take a few days to get the pool water balanced back to normal after a storm.

Before the Storm

  • Clear all furniture, toys, grills, etc. from the area around the pool
  • Remove pool and spa covers
  • Trim large tree branches that could become flying objects
  • Add chlorine to prevent algae and bacteria
  • Shock the pool chemistry in case the power goes out for an extended period
  • After the chemicals have circulated for 24 hours, shut off the pool motor at the breaker to prevent electrical problems
  • If your pool pump is in an area that might get submerged, wrap with waterproof plastic or sandbags
  • Don’t drain the pool completely; keep water level such that water still passes into the skimmer

After the Storm

  • Remove as much debris as possible before powering up the pool equipment
  • Don’t drain the pool as this could create a pressure imbalance and damage the pool’s foundation
  • Reset electrical systems – make sure all devices are dry first
  • Chlorinate the pool and circulate continuously until clarity returns to the pool
  • Clean filters often

Consult a Professional Pool Company

By taking these precautions, your swimming pool will be ready for relaxing in no time. Having a reliable and trustworthy company you can go to for all your pool needs will make all the difference. Contact Edgewater Pools today to get started!