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Add a Water Feature to Your Pool Renovation

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While having a refreshing clear blue swimming pool is great, having a pool water feature is that much better. However, you may be wondering if you can add a water feature to your existing pool – and the answer is Yes, with some cautions. You’ll want to have a pool professional analyze all aspects of your pool for the right feature fit.


Whether your goal is to create a focal point, add movement or the relaxing sounds of water to your pool, adding a water feature helps you create the pool of your dreams. Here are some popular water features for your pool renovation.


Waterfalls are a common water feature addition for luxury pools. A classic waterfall not only adds beauty to the space but also provides the relaxing sounds of water along with providing children hours of play.


Among the most common decorative type of water feature are cascades, a type of waterfall, also known as a sheer descent waterfall. They are horizontal strips of cascading water, that come in several sizes and styles and will transform your swimming pool. The quiet fall of water creates a soothing and enjoyable atmosphere.

Rain Curtain

A curtain of water which falls over the pool’s edge from a smooth ledge into the swimming pool. A rain curtain can add drama to the pool by installing it on a wall and having the water cascade into the pool. Rain curtain features can vary in size from 8 inches to 8 feet. Ask your pool renovation specialist to include LED lighting in the pool feature and at night you’ll have a beautiful display of light and water.


A fountain is a water feature that shoots water up into the air from your pool. These water features provide an eye-catching visual when placed at the center of your swimming pool. Ornamental fountains make attractive pool renovation additions and are especially visually striking when grouped together in two or three.

Spillover Spa

When a raised spa has a spillover edge that cascades water into your pool, it creates an incredible effect of relaxing movement and sound. Spillover spas are customizable in size, style, and will use the tile of your choosing.

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