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Florida Stucco Pool Renovations

Thinking of renovating your pool? Florida Stucco Gem Finishes are one of the most popular options for pool renovations in Southwest Florida.

There are a variety of pool renovation applications available, but Florida Stucco Gem Finishes are a Florida favorite due to their high-quality surface and variety of gem finish options.

What are Florida Stucco Gem Finishes?

Florida Stucco Gem Finishes are an etch-resistant marcite alternative that is blended with the highest quality-selected colored quartz aggregates, white Portland cement, and proprietary additives. This enhances strength, density, bonding, and curing – giving you a hard, long-lasting surface highly resistant to stains and spot etching that is often prevalent with traditional pool plasters.
This produces a safe, slip resistant and non-abrasive surface for your pool.

Types of Florida Stucco Gem Finishes

Another great benefit of Florida Stucco Gem Finishes is the variety of options you can choose from. From the collection, you can choose a gem finish that suits your aesthetic so you can achieve the perfect backyard ambiance to match your taste.

Types of Florida Stucco Gem Finishes Include

  • Sky Blue
  • Aqua Clear
  • Azure
  • Bone Gem
  • Emerald Sea
  • Lagoon
  • French Silver
  • And more!

Florida Stucco Gem Finishes Process

It’s important to work with a professional pool renovation company to ensure that the process of installing the Florida Stucco Gem Finish goes as smoothly as possible.

The Gem Finish product application begins with preparing the surface. The surface should be applied to a surface that is free of foreign matter like dirt, great, or oil.
The product must be mixed in 1.5 to 2 gallons of water per 80-pound bag. Then, the Gem Finish can be applied over a cement base.

Edgewater Pools is qualified to handle your Florida Stucco Gem Finish renovation through every step of the process.

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